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Here are several examples of DiscoVision images and sounds that I've put together. When you click on the image, the Real media player will launch and play the clip. The server connection is not streaming, so the entire file must download before it will begin playback.

Free Real Player We have re-encoded the videos into the Real Media format and will require the Real Player Version 8. If you do not have the Real player, you must download it (it's free) and install it to play these movies.

604 kb  The DiscoVision opening Bumper is present in some form at the beginning of every side 1 DiscoVision produced for the consumer market. The Industrial programs (which are not covered by this web site) did not include any bumpers of any kind. This bumper also exists in Black & White and was used on all Black & White programs except the Extended Play version of Psycho. This bumper was sampled from a CAV edition of "Jaws".

624 kb   There are two basic versions of the introduction bumper. The one listed above was used on the early CAV releases, and then there was a modified bumper which incorporated a copyright sentence under the word DiscoVision at the end. This version was also used on some Extended Play titles, but without any music. This example was taken from side 1 of "Bullitt".

Most current players will not these bumpers from the beginning as presented here. DiscoVision elected to encode the start frame about half way through, causing any player which performs a Zero Search at the start of playback to miss the first half. There are a few titles which have the title mastered with frame 0 at the beginning of the DiscoVision bumper. Oddly enough, most of them are also red bumper titles, but not all red bumper discs play the full DiscoVision bumper.

605 kb  The glorious opening bumper demonstrated above was not the "original" DiscoVision opening. This bumper was presented at the opening of the 1977 Demo, it is presumed this was to have been the DiscoVision introduction logo. However, with the change in the name to drop the hyphen and subsequent logo redesign by the time of the launch, this trailer was dropped. The only known place this trailer was used was on the 1977 Demo disc. The early single-sided test pressings did not include any bumpers, but if they had, this would likely have been the one used.

137 kb  The Magnavision clip presented here is from about 15 minutes into the film Airport '77 and presented Mr. and Mrs. America with the vision of the yet to be introduced Magnavision Optical Video Disc player. This clip contains no audio, since there was little more than background noises during this scene anyway. Note the floppy disc the nice stewardess - flight attendant - is loading, this is one of the prototype single sided floppy discs which were going to be used in the original design. This clip was sampled from the DVD of "Airport '77" available from GoodTimes Home Video.

367 kb 632 kb 603 kb
These unexciting entries in the Multimedia section are the typical side ending and opening bumpers. There have been enough requests for this over time, I've decided to go ahead and include them. There are three different kinds of spiral bumpers. There are the end bumpers, the Opening Side bumpers (sides 2 and higher) and the Red Opening Bumpers (again sides 2 and higher) which had no music. All three examples are shown here. As with the DiscoVision bumper, they were also presented in Black & White. The closing bumper was taken from "Bullitt", the Red Spiral Bumper was taken from a CAV version of "Smokey and the Bandit" and the Opening Bumper was taken from "Airport '77".

84 kb   This is the audio only used for each side opening bumpers, except when the red bumpers were used as they did not include any audio.

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Updated: July 29, 2001
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